The WorldSideUp Plan Is Simple - You Tell, Not Sell !!!

The Power of Your own super-store combined with the power of Network Marketing without all of the negative cogitations associated with around the clock recruiting.

  • The Business Model it designed to benefit the philanthropic and educational communities.
  • We offer the best, clearest, and most profitable path to wealth for the average person.
  • We have taken special care to do no harm to local small businesses by incorporating their products and services in our business model and pay them.

Start harnessing the power of residual income from your own turnkey WBO website!


Students, Earn to create Your Own Funding Program for College. Do not rely on the "Lottery" for your education finances. Pay off that Student Loan Early. Do not start your summer without a job. Your Summer Job is Right Here. Invite your School or Club to participate and earn money for a variety of programs. Not only will you earn an income, the residual income component earns you a never-ending source of income. This is a very powerful tool for long-term wealth creation.


If you are a "Networker", unlock the power of WBO with Unbelievable Profits. You are concerned about one thing, earning profits. You don't have to worry about the Financial Soundness of our System. WBO was carefully designed so-as-to Never over-commit the Funds. We can not commit more going out that we have coming in. So, in other words, you're gonna get paid.


If you are in search of a career, we offer Opportunities to work as an Account Executive in Advertising or many related fields. Your newest and best opportunity is right here. The Business & Education Digest is our content manager and Advertising Resource.


Organizations - the Fundraiser Feature in WBO is second to none. Get Paid to raise money for your worthwhile cause. Furthermore, let us promote it for you. We have built into our system very powerful social media tools to assist you in all three (3) profit centers. If you are using other fundraising venues, you don't have to change. Let WBO enhance your efforts with the Power of our unique system. Detroit, give us a call.


Churches or Worship Centers, do you have someone in your congregation that is looking for work or in need of additional income? Well, here we are. WBO has a place for you. You can participate in our UNIQUE guaranteed income program. Reinforce your posture as a powerful economic engine in your community. WBO has a program specifically designed to create immediate income for individuals with none. If you have several people that can not work for some reason, join us and let your people earn a living while the Church or Worship Center raises the much needed funds.


If you are already in business for yourself, amp up your marketing effort by advertising with WBO's OurWorldPages Directory Service. See one of our Independent Representatives or become an Independent Representative and Get Paid to Advertise your own business, whether you own or manage it. The Unique feature of advertising with WBO is your business can become a profit center for your company. Yes, just like the Independent Representatives, your business can generate an income by it's advertising efforts. Also, invite your customers to join and let them get paid for promoting your business! Makes sense, doesn't it?


Look, I can go on all day with scenarios demonstrating the many ways to earn using WBO, but it will simply take too much time. Let me give you one example as to the power of the system.

How can a purchase from a Beauty Salon operating in South Carolina be of benefit to a College in Georgia? An Independent Representative in South Carolina signed up the business to advertise in the OurWorldPages, WBO's advertising affiliate. The Beauty Shop placed one of their services, a permanent, in The Virtual Mega SuperMall by WorldSideUp. The person that purchased the service was registered by one of the College's students parents. A percent of the cost of the permanent goes towards the College, the parent, the student, and seven (7) layers in the marketing effort.

Who benefits? EVERYONE! The Salon Benefits by increased business volume that they would not have. Every person in the WBO system now has a vested interest in the Marketing of the Beauty Salon and will recommend it to others. The parent benefit because they earned a profit on a service that they did not know about. The student benefited because the percentage of the profits went towards their summer job. The College benefited because a percent of the purchase price went to the College fundraising effort to fund scholarships. You see, everybody wins. The individual hair stylist were winners because they were able to supplement their income by having a home based business which complemented their profession and provide a business venture that the entire community could benefit from. And now, little Mr. James, the student, can afford to go to college and not worry because the checks from the summer job did not end in August, when the job ended. They continued year round, and continued to earn an income long afterwards.

What is your product?

Your Product is Our Product - Your Service is Our Service.

Sportswear, computers, music instruments, beauty and barber supplies and services, lawn care, books or anything else you want it to be. Simply apply a product or service to our system and get paid. Everyone has a product that is unique to them, and our unique system can handle an unlimited number of products. The Virtual Mega SuperMall by WorldSideUpis uniquely positioned to bring more income and revenue to our partners because our Independent Representatives have a vested interest in the marketing of your product and your service. You could not hire a more driven sales and marketing staff.

Your Product is Our Product - Your Service is Our Service.

We market a diversified group of products, but we equally support your products and services. Our Team of Independent Representatives will treat them as if they were their own. See them as an extension of your workforce.

Schools can sell the products that they are accustom to selling for their except that your fundraisers are all online and the funds are 100% traceable. Colleges can place all the contents of their bookstore, and students can purchase from themselves, if they are in the system. School Uniforms - buy them from yourself! Organizations may have items that are truly unique to their operations, such as T-shirts, but they could be used as a fundraiser. Just list your product in you store. You will be able to offer WBO to your supporters and earn each time they make a purchase of your product.

Businesses could put several of their products in The Virtual Mega SuperMall by WorldSideUp in order to entice our members and Independent Representatives to visit the store front. Churches or worship centers can provide their own products such as sermons, tapes, books,CD's, T-shirts and many other items of interest to the membership. And family's can place products such as Family Reunion tee shirts for those that could not attend. You make the sale and the profit.

You provide the product and the competitive pricing ... we will do the rest.

(We carry product lines for those of you in search of materials.)

See, the concept of Tell - Not Sell Works!

It is a way to promote the businesses that support us, in your neighborhoods and across the World.

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