The Status of Worlds Malls

MallFaced with the exploding popularity of buying online, shopping malls are emptying and are seeking new solutions to generate traffic. In the US, for example, roughly 200 out of 1,300 malls across the United States are going out of business.To combat this trend, developers are trying to turn malls into leisure centers that include attractions such as parks, movie theaters, gyms, and even fishing lakes.

Others, such as the European commercial real-estate giant Unibail-Rodamco, are modernizing their approach by promoting brand interaction and enhanced architectural appeal. The Business & Education Digest predicts that by the year 2030, 80% of all non-perishable product purchases worldwide will be done online & via word of mouth advertising. In essence, we could have fewer than ten (10) companies control the sale of all of the world's products. Benefits of shopping online. To "Submit an Advertisement" click here and submit information.

Several major players already have the infrastructure in place and are well positioned. Only one company has created the very unique, forward thinkingMall 2 environment that will take them into the 21st century and beyond by combining where you can earn and spend your money at the same place, and that company is WorldSideUp. At WorldSideUp, we offer the very special, WorldMall. Our WorldMall is unique in that we offer or will offer products from every corner of the globe, and everyone is a potential independent representative. Yes, you will be in business for yourself - and not for minimum wage.

At WorldSideUp, you can earn easily simply by purchasing products that you already use. You can also earn by selling from your website. You can also earn whenever someone else makes a purchase from their site, down seven (7) levels. You can earn by selling advertising and by participating in PP&E, the Private Projects & Education Funding division of WorldSideUp.

At WorldSideUp, a company can advertise their product or service and sell it by network marketing, all on the same site. This has never been done anywhere in the world prior to now. Any product or service can be marketed by anyone in the system. Anything from a haircut to legal services, just list the business in OurWorldPages, and you can participate.

WorldSideUp offers you the opportunity to "Spend and Earn" in the same place, and on every product sold in our system.

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