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ID Voice Record- Business Phone for Computers VoIP SKYPE LANDLINE

Business phone for computers - the look and feel of a regular landline telephone with the functionality of the modern internet phone that makes it ideal for commercial, business, and personal use.

If your job requires you to frequently use a telephone, then this business phone can be your own personal assistant that is sure to improve both communication efficiency and service satisfaction. When not used as a regular landline phone, the wide range of uses and functions make it ideal for front desk receptionists, tele-sales, booking and reservations, call centers, customer service department, hotels and restaurants.

Setup and usage is easy, all you have to do is:

(1) To use it as a landline phone, simply plug in your normal telephone wire.
(2) To use it as a feature rich internet and VoIP phone, just connect it to your computer with the USB cable and install the included software.

What VoIP and other internet-friendly special features does this Business Phone for Computers have?

Phone Book and Caller ID: Know exactly who`s on the other line before you answer and then choose to blacklist or add to phone book. Create as many phone book entries and add information to each, such as name, address, contact information, and your own personal comments. Their file will then appear whenever you call them (or receive one from them), so their information is always available when needed.

Call Recording and Built-in Answering Machine: This business phone allows you to automatically (or manually) save a copy of your phone calls directly to the hard drive in MP3 format. Great for situations when you need reconfirm what the customer just said and those "your word against mine" disputes.

One-click Calling: Click the telephone number from web pages, files, communication software, and even the phone book for instant one-click calling.

Internet Calling: Easily connects to chatting software like MSN and Skype to bring you convenient internet calling.

Call History: Keeps a history of all missed, answered, and dialed calls for future use. Also available is the option to directly call back them back, save a number to your contacts list, or export the whole history into an Excel file for record keeping.

As the ultimate solution to your business communication needs, this business phone can easily help you increase customer loyalty and improve management efficiency.

  • Standard landline phone - many business functions when connected to computer
  • Phone call voice recording to computer hard disk (automatic or manual)
  • Caller ID, redial, handsfree mode, answering machine, mute
  • Use with your PC for internet calls and video chatting (like Skype, MSN)
  • Great as your ultimate tele-sales or customer service solution

Package Contents

  • Business phone
  • Wall mounting adapter
  • Mini CD with software
  • USB cable
  • Standard telephone cable (PSTN)
  • Use as a normal landline phone or connect to your computer through USB for a business phone
  • Export or import all your contacts from outlook - unlimited phone book space
  • Add or update customer data and search through call records at anytime
  • Phone call voice recording on computer hard disk (automatic or manual)
  • Built-in answering machine
  • One-click dialing from computer software
  • Supports VoIP - easily connects to programs like Skype and MSN
  • Business functions ideal for call centers, customer service department, tele-sales, booking and reservations, hotels and restaurants
  • Primary Function: Business Phone for Computers
  • Screen Size: 3 inches
  • Software
    Language: English
    Recording Size: 17 hours of recording = 1GB on hard disk<
    Recording Format: MP3
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP 32 bit). Does NOT support Windows Vista.
  • Power Source: Telephone line or USB cable
  • Ports:
    RJ11 LINE
    RJ11 EXT
    USB Port
    3.5mm Headset Port
  • Keys: Mute, Flash, Redial, Handsfree, Record, VoIP Mode, Answer Machine Mode, Incoming Call Display, Outgoing Call Display, Delete Entry
  • Dimensions: H:210 x W:160: D:60 (mm)
  • Manufacturer Ref: SS01UNDWL7V1

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