The WorldSideUp Direction

WorldSideUp Group and it's affiliates leverage the power of the internet to provide an opportunity for People and / or Organizations, both public and private, to raise funds for any worthwhile cause, to improve the ROI for companies by providing Advertising and Marketing Services to Worship Centers, non-Profit Organizations, Schools, Small, Minority, and Locally Owned Business typically impacted by variances in the economy and to use the advertising division to provide an opportunity for students to earn for any cause; whether it be for personal or an organization for which they belong.

Mission Statement:

"To Provide Everyone With Their Own Shopping Mall
and to use Cash Flow from"Our" Unique System to
Provide Funding
Educational and Philanthropic Initiatives,
Capital Improvement Projects
and to
Create Income & Opportunities for ALL"

Whether it is money required to supplement personal income or funds for a major capital improvements program, "WorldSideUp" is here to assist you with our multitude of powerful, yet simple tools at your disposal.

  • We have contracted with The Business & Education Digest to handle distribution of the message across about the opportunity. WorldSideUp will use "social media" outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and others to market our product, and we have built-in features so that you can use social media as well.The Business & Education Digest is one of our advertising partners.

With the unique first of its kind copyrighted process, anyone now has the capacity to amass enormous amounts of capital in a short amount of time while providing a valuable service to those around you.. We can help the jobless with Quality Income Opportunity - One where you don't have to work hard, but smart. There are currently 314 Million people in the USA, and 7.1 Billion In the World. How many have you helped today?

Our Vision is :

To help as many people in as many communities to generate an income that they can rely on.

Our Motto is :

Helping People World-Wide - One Person At A Time.

Class I World Economy.


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