HBCU National Fundraiser September 6, 2014

On Saturday, September 6, 2014, WBO, Inc. is sponsoring a Nationwide Fundraiser for all One Hundred and Two (102) HBCU's in the United States. This comes on the heels of actions, or more accurately stated, lack of actions taken by Congress in 2013. We are taking matters in our own hands and doing what we can to make certain that HBCU's continue to educate the students that so desperately need it.

"In his 2014 budget, President Obama requested over $228 million in funding for HBCU's, but the House of Representatives has refused to take up the president’s budget,” he said. "The fact is that Washington is currently engaged in a bitter battle over two competing theories of education and its relationship to economic growth. HBCU's need our help. Once successful, this funding program will be expanded to every college and university in the nation.

WBO, Inc. participants consist of WorldSideUp, in conjunction with OurWorldPages, The WorldMall and The Business & Education Digest, will establish a structure whereby the College or University along with the Students will earn over 90% of all the revenue made by WBO, Inc.. The Income to the College or University will continue as a Permanent Endowment to the Institution. The revenue should offset the Funding Deficiency due to Federal Budget cuts and should grow exponentially over time. On September 6,2014, a representative of WBO, Inc. will be available to provide to the Financial Aid Director or an appropriate Representative of the College or University an accounting system capable of keeping track of the real-time funding available to your Institution through our system.

"We Do Business With Those That Do Business With Us."

WorldSideUp System Revenue

We offer Commissions on the Sales and Distribution of the Paid Memberships of the WorldSideUp System as follows:

You = 0%

1. Level 1 = 20%

2. Level 2 = 10%

3. Level 3 = 10%

4. Level 4 = 10%

5. Level 5 = 7%

6. Level 6 = 3%

Grand Total = 60% Payout !!!

(60% Payout = 85% of Profits)

WorldSideUp's WorldMall - Product Sales Commission

You = 10%

1. Level 1 = 2%

2. Level 2 = 2%

3. Level 3 = 1%

4. Level 4 = 1%

5. Level 5 = 1%

6. Level 6 = 1%

Grand Total = 18% Payout !!!

(18% Payouts = 95% of Profits)

OurWorldPages Listings - Advertising Revenue

You = 25%

1. Level 1 = 20%

2. Level 2 = 15%

3. Level 3 = 9%

4. Level 4 = 3%

5. Level 5 = 2%

6. Level 6 = 1%

Grand Total = 75% Payout !!!
(75% Payout = 90% of Profits)

Hold-On Bonus
WBO, Inc. consist of 16 Charity Contribution Units. The HBCU's will feed into a non-profit to be determined.

  • The Non-profit Organizations will receive 80% of their position of the Team's proceeds.
  • Appointed legal groups, one (1) appointed by the non-profit and one (1) appointed by WBO, Inc.will receive 5% - ( 2-1/2% to the local attorney and 2-1/2% to the attorney appointed by WBO,Inc.), for a total of 5% of the proceeds for compliance reports, monitoring and presentation of funds.
  • The remaining 15% of the proceeds will be allocated towards bonuses for the top producers in the various categories. 12 Individual bonuses of 1% will be granted to Independent Representatives that were top producers in registered paid members, product sales, and advertising.
  • 3 Individual bonuses of 1% will be granted to Independent Representatives at the Discretion of the WBO, Inc. Management Team.

Cut The Line Bonus
WorldSideUp consist of 16 Charity Contribution Units. Everyone in the organization is ultimately in one of those Units. The "Cut The Line" Bonus takes the entire Unit, and gives credit for the entire Unit to the recipient for one month. The Top Sponsor's entire up-line benefits. Three will be issued each month:

  • Top Sponsor
  • Top Product Sales
  • Top Advertising Sales

The "Cut The Line" Bonuses will grow to be absolutely incredible in size.

The Representative from each school assigned to provide assistance will receive the "Hold On" bonus for one (1) year for providing assistance on the 1st Annual HBCU National Fundraiser Day.

Retail Commission
Earn up to 25% plus bonuses from sales through our online retail store featuring select products like College Sports Gear, Games, Computer Products, Bedding, and a host of other Products growing monthly, not to mention our marketing system, WorldSideUp.

Year One Income Potential
This example is designed to be realistic but does not have has a history of being achievable, largely in part because there is not a business model that exists. This is a truly revolutionary approach to business in the world today, and you are on the cutting edge. Our attorney says that we have to say this: "There is no guarantee of actual organizational growth."

You see, we at WBO, Inc.are tired of seeing people of the world going without the resources they need to make it, to have the most basic of things in life. We see things differently, much differently. We see an opportunity for every person to "earn where he or she spends". After all, we do have a choice, and at this time in our lives, we chose to purchase from ourselves, or those businesses that support our cause, and get paid for doing so. See the WorldSideUp Mission Statement.
You can help your school, contribute to a worthwhile charity and earn a very substantial income, all at the same time.

Join us on September 6th and be a part of a movement. Support HBCU's. In other words, WBO financially, belongs to the College and University system.

Earnings are based on revenue from the sale of website services and/or products fromWorldSideUp, advertising by OurWorldPages.com and marketing by The Business & Education Digest. along withthe sales from Independent Representatives that you introduce to the WBO, Inc. system. This Program will also provide each participant with the ability to purchase necessary items from yourself.