What is an Affiliate Marketing Program

At WorldSideUp, we offer an Affiliate Marketing system that has revenue sharing between ourselves and you, our Affiliate. Our system allows you, our Affiliate to sign up additional Affiliates and also register merchants to advertise their products and/or services in return for a very healthy commission. (Note: The WorldSideUp Affiliate Marketing program shares revenue with unlimited number of Affiliates) WorldSideUp is not a Multi-Level Marketing Company. We simply use some of the features from their business model that make us a stronger company for you. Normally, this type of marketing works by having the merchant website create an affiliate program that affiliate members can join. Upon joining, the affiliate is given a unique website URL to promote that merchant's products and/or services. By promoting this link, any referrals that click on this unique link are tracked. When the referring customer buys from the merchant, the affiliate member is given a commission for that referring sale. Merchants can pay affiliates in many different ways. This includes pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-click. This depends entirely on the merchant website and how they want to reward their affiliate members. WorldSideUp does pay-per-sale but pays 7 Levels deep. And we pay on membership, advertising and retention product sales. Top Sponsor Bonus Top Sponsors get a cash bonus based on their ability to refer Independent Representatives or Affiliates to market WorldSideUp in a business month. Top Sponsor's will earn a "Hold On" Bonus. The Top Sponsor will earn the "Cut The Line" bonus for the following month. Hold-On Bonus WorldSideUp consist of 16 Charity Contribution Units. The Non-profit Organizations will receive 80% of their position of the Team's proceeds. Appointed legal groups, 1appointedby the non-profit and 1 appointed by us, will receive 5% of the proceeds for compliance reports, monitoring and presentation of funds. The remaining 15% of the proceeds will be allocated towards bonuses for the top producers in the various categories. 12 Individual bonuses of 1% will be granted to Independent Representatives that were top producers in registered paid members, product sales, and advertising. 3 Individual bonuses of 1% will be granted to Independent Representatives at the Discretion of WorldSideUp Management Team. Cut The Line Bonus WorldSideUp consist of 16 Charity Contribution Units. Everyone in the organization is ultimately in one of those Units. The "Cut The Line" Bonus takes the entire Unit, and gives credit for the entire Unit to the recipient for one month. The Top Sponsor's entire up-line benefits. Three will be issued each month: Top Sponsor Top Product Sales Top Advertising Sales The "Cut The Line" Bonuses will grow to be absolutely incredible in size. Retail Commission Earn up to 25% plus bonuses from sales through our online retail store featuring select products like Sports Gear, Games, Computer Products, Bedding, and a host of other Products growing monthly, not to mention our marketing system, WorldSideUp. Year One Income Potential This example is designed to be realistic but does not have has a history of being achievable, largely in part because there is not a business model that exists. This is a truly revolutionary approach to business in the world today, and you are on the cutting edge. Our attorney says that we have to say this: "There is no guarantee of actual organizational growth." Sample Income Projection Chart You see, we at WorldSideUp are tired of seeing people of the world going without the resources they need to make it, to have the most basic of things in life. We see things differently, much differently. We see an opportunity for every person to "earn where he or she spends". After all, we do have a choice, and at this time in our lives, we chose to purchase from ourselves, or those businesses that support our cause, and get paid for doing so. See the WorldSideUp Mission Statement. Earnings are based on yourWorldSideUp products and services and sales by your downline organization.

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