WorldSideUp offers one of the most generous philanthropy contribution approaches in the business community. A percentage of every dollar earned by the sales and marketing of products, services and advertising efforts go towards the Non-profit Organizations, some fixed and some in the "Rotating" philanthropy contribution program. It works as follows: The Blue Positions on the far left represents a Rotating list of Worthy Organizations that will benefit from the efforts of our team. The Orange Positions in the middle represents the Charter Membership of WorldSideUp. The Grey Positions on the far right represents the Independent Representatives of WorldSideUp. A total of sixteen (16) Teams will be formed with thirteen (13) Teams being Rotating, and three (3) Teams being permanent. (Permanent Teams - HBCU Funds, Wounded Warriors, Children's Hospital) The Non-profit Organizations will receive 80% of their position of the Team's proceeds. An appointed legal group will receive 5% of the proceeds for compliance monitoring and presentation of funds. Hold-On Bonus The remaining 15% of the proceeds will be allocated towards bonuses for the top producers in the various categories. 15 Individual bonuses of 1% will be granted to Independent Representatives that were top producers in registered paid members, product sales, and advertising. Cut The Line Bonus The Top Producer in each category will receive an entire team placed on their team for one bonus period.

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posted by Willie Philanthropy

Campaign to Help Morris-Brown College & HBCU's

Morris Brown College, founded in 1881 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college engaged in teaching and public service with special focus in leadership, management, entrepreneurship and technology. Many of you reading this may remember Morris Brown College from the movie, Drum Line where it was an active and vibrant College, educating African American Youth from around the world. Mather Academy Founded in 1887 in Camden, this was the brainchild of Sarah Babcock, a Plymouth, Massachusetts teacher who'd opened a short-lived school in 1867 before purchasing the 27-acre Thomas Lang plantation.The school was named Browning Model Home and Industrial School in honor of benefactor Fanny O. Browning. In 1890, it enrolled its first male students, and the Conference purchased the land from Babcock, who'd married Rev. James Mather. In 1900, at Babcock Mather's request, Browning Home was renamed Mather Academy in honor of her husband. Mather Academy expanded its curriculum over the years, offering grade levels from kindergarten through high school, and accepting applicants from across the nation. In 1928, it was one of the first S.C. schools for African Americans to offer a 12th grade. In 1934, Mather’s high quality of education earned it a Class A school rating—a distinction held at the time by only three other schools in the state. 1983, Boylan Haven Mather Academy closed it's doors for the last time. In 1995, all buildings were ordered - demolished. I bring up Mather Academy because like Mather, Morris Brown College, the issue of survival was based primarily on financial matters, not the lack of need to educate its constituents. Morris Brown College is needed and is as relevant now as it ever was. Coming from a family of educators and pastors, it makes me sad when I see yet another institution of higher learning in trouble. As a graduate of an HBCU with young adults graduating and or attending HBCU's, I will do anything possible to save them. I am currently disabled, unable to speak, but I have a voice and will to do something. It is disturbing to see African Americans fighting over the remaining assets of this great institution that has, over time, given so much to the community. "This is heartbreaking and not only a sad day in the life of Morris Brown, but in black academia,” said former Atlanta City Councilman Derrick Boa. According to the school's president, Dr.Stanley Pritchett, filing will give the institution time to find steady funding. "We are making a statement that Morris Brown College is not going anywhere,” said Pritchett. "We are not going to allow this latest challenge to get in the way of what we are trying to do.” This is what we are going to do. WorldSideUp, an online shopping venue, wants to have Morris Brown College as a participant in its revolving philanthropy program. A portion of all sales of goods and services from the website will go towards the general funds. I am going to offer every student, teacher and business in the area a copy of our website, and every purchase from the site, we will donate a meaningful portion of the proceeds to not only Morris Brown College, but to every HBCU in the nation. Not only will Morris Brown College have an influx of cash, so will you.At that time, we will shift the revenue over to the respective conferences general scholarship funds. Join the movement now and raise money to help Morris Brown and all of the HBCU's and help yourself with an income.

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